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According to an old early map reference, there was already a grain mill in Vinkeveen in 1570. In 1822 Pieter Vester bought this mill for fl.5000. In 1823 he bought a plot of land in Oudhuysen for fl.1000, and the milling business was moved there. After the registration of the title deed for the land a new mill was built at the current location.

From 1856 till 1947 the mill was owned by the Van Der Does family. In 1947, the cattle farmer W.F. Molenaar bought the mill and leased it to the local council of Wilnis in 1953. Twenty years later the lease was transferred to the foundation “De Utrechtse Molens” (The Utrecht Windmills), which became the foundation “Het Utrechts Landschap”(The Utrecht Landscape) on 1 January, 2005. Until circa 1947 grain was regularly milled by wind. Subsequently, the mill fell out of use. This caused deterioration, and the mill fell into disrepair.

The Van Der Does Family

The mill was owned by the Van Der Does family for almost a hundred years. The last owner in line was Thomas van der Does, who ground grain in the mill from 1932 until 1947. Sometimes, his son worked in the mill with his father. Thomas’s father, who was born in the old miller’s house and who died in 1938 at the age of 80, had inherited the mill from his father.

Major restoration

In 1972 a major restoration was undertaken and the mill was returned to working order. In 1998 the sail system was restored, while the “Pot” stocks were replaced by the present ones. In 2001, the foundations of the mill received essential attention.

From 1972 until his death in 1982 the voluntary miller Karel Dolman milled flour at this windmill, and he was succeeded by his son Maarten. Frits van Benthum became miller of the Veenmolen in 1988. Adri Vos is the current miller, he has been on the job since 2003.

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Amsterdamsche courant / 29-07-1780

Utrechtsche courant / 30-08-1822

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