De mil of Wilnis

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Holland the windmill country


Once, there were over 10.000 windmills in Holland. Different types of windmills existed, with various purposes: milling grain, pumping water out of polders, pressing oil, sawing wood, grinding spice, et cetera. The Dutch made themselves a name worldwide with windmills. As a result of industrialisation, the windmills passed out of use and became idle. Many fell into decay and disappeared altogether.

Sails must go round

Now there are only about 1000 windmills left, which are kept for their cultural and historical value. Thanks to their salvation, not only the architectural aspects are preserved, but it also ensures that the wind is not taken out of their sails, literally, as result of an increase in nearby buildings and trees.

The "Veenmolen" is a grain mill located on the edge of a village called Wilnis. Large parts of this landscape have undergone a double metamorphosis in recent centuries: from land to water (by peatification) and back to land (reclamation).

The mill is open every Saturday between 10:00 - 16:00 unless otherwise stated on this website. We also participate annually in the National Mills Day and Heritage Days.

Head miller: Adri Vos
Second miller: Jos Zwanenburg
Pupil miller: Jos Slemmer


To prevent further spread of the corona virus, the Utrecht Landscape has decided to close all windmills (shops) until March 31 and to cancel all activities.

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